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Raksha Bandhan Messages, Essay in Hindi & English 2016

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 Raksha Bandhan is the festival of priceless relationship of brother and sister of all ages. This Festival displays the the love and duty of a brother towards his sister. In Raksha  Bandhan sister worship the god demanding for the great future of her brother and maintain this relationship till end and in return the brother promises his sister that he will be with her and he will protect her as hard as the situation may be. Thus it is a festival showing the bond of Love and Duty between brothers and sisters of all ages across the globe wheather they are biologically related or not.
It is an ancient Hindu festival showing the love and care of a sister towards her brother and the promise of a brother towards his sister.

Below are RakshaBandhan Messages.

Kaisekahoonki i miss u very much
aapkizindagi me - khushiyonkibahaar ho,
This year my hands are empty but you always live in my heart.
Love you didi

·To my most Loving Sis,
Hi da, Wish you a very happy RakshaBandhan. This day is way to strengthen the bond between us. On this special day, I think of the days that we have spent together and shared our feelings. I'm so lucky to have a sister like you da. I pray for you, all your dreams and aims come true in this year. Special Rakhi wishes for my most loving Sis. Take care da.
Your Lovable Anna

·  HeyIshwar(God) maitujhasebahutpyarkartahu,
Tujh par maiapna sab kuchhnyochhavarkartahu,
Par maiapnibahan par tujhasejayadavisvaskartahu.

Ho agar khatakabhitumafkarnamujheaurmeribahanko,
Dena padeyadisaja, to denamujhe, bachalenameribahanko.

Meribahanlakho, karoro me nahi, balki is duniya me sirfekhai,
Lag jaayeusakomerisaariumar, yadi is vasundhara par koi bhinekhai.

Dhanyavaaddetahutujhako, hai us par mujhkonaaj,
Hey Gudiyagarvkaregatujh par aanewalapoorasamaj.

Rakhikidehr sari badhyisabhibahanoko....

I don't have my own sister, but "CHHOTI" whom I consider more than my real sister is more worthy than my life. One thing that I have learnt in these days is that you can get anything in your life, but without a loving sister, you life is incomplete. The reason is that whenever you want to share your pain, grief, sorrow, discomfort etc, you can get your sister standing besides of you. Affection from sisters is a great matter of deal for any brother. So, Guys who do have sister, love and respect her and promise to stand by her in every moment of her life.HappyRakshaBandhan to every brother and sister. I thank my sister "CHHOTI" for being there with me in my life.

RakshaBandhan  Essay in  English 2016.

Rakhi is a sacred thread embellished with sister's love and affection for her brother. On the day of RakshaBandhan, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and express their love to them. After receiving the rakhi from a sister, a brother sincerely takes the responsibility of protecting her sister. In Indian tradition, the frangible thread of rakhi is considered even stronger than an iron chain as it strongly binds a brothers and a sisters in the circumference of mutual love and trust.
Any Indian festival seems to be incomplete without the traditional Indian festivities, such as gathering, celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts, lots of noise, singing and dancing. Festivals are the celebration of togetherness as being as a united family and the festival "RakshaBandhan" is not an exception of this.
The love and self actuation towards a novel cause between a brother and his sister is the theme of this great festivals. It is a festival that is mainly celebrated by the people of Northern and Western part of India, but people from other parts also celebrate this festival with same alacrity. Although, the mode of celebration may differ from region to region, but the central theme of this great festival remain same.
As far as the traditions and rituals are concerned, sisters prepare the "poojathali" with diyas, roli, chawal and rakhis. They worship the goddesses, ties rakhis on the wrists of their brother(s), and wishes for their well being. On the other hand, the brothers acknowledge their love with a promise that they will remain by their sisters' side and protect them from every fall and down throughout the life. Brothers also give token gifts to their sisters.
From ancient period of time, this festivals has been celebrated in the same manner and tradition. As the lifestyle of people has been changing with passing time, therefore, today, this festival is being celebrated elaborately. This day fosters a undying and divine relationship among the siblings. Far off physical location may sometime bring an abstract feeling among the siblings, and this auspicious day provides a link to bring them together. The joyous meeting, the rare family get- together, the erstwhile feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood call for a massive celebration.

RakshaBandhan  Essay in  Hindi 2016.
रक्षाबंधनसामाजिक,पौराणिक, धार्मिकतथाऐतिहासिकभावनाकेधागेसेबनाएकऐसापवित्रबंधनजिसेजनमानसमेंरक्षाबंधनकेनामसेसावनमासकीपूर्णिमाकोभारतमेंहीनहीवरन्नेपालतथामॉरिशस मेंभीबहुतउल्लासएवंधूम-धामसेमनायाजाताहै।रक्षाबंधनअर्थातरक्षाकीकामनालिएऐसाबंधनजोपुरातनकालसेइससृष्टीपरविद्यमानहै।इन्द्राणीकाइन्द्रकेलिएरक्षाकवचरूपीधागायारानीकर्मवतिद्वारारक्षाकाअधिकारलिएपवित्रबंधनकाहुमायुकोभेजापैगामऔरसम्पूर्णभारतमेंबहनकोरक्षाकावचनदेताभाईयोंकाप्यारभराउपहारहै, रक्षाबंधनकात्योहार।

RakshaBandhan is not just only about rakhi, roli and mithai. It’s also about the unique bond between brother’s and sister’s. Celebrate the beautiful bond you share with your sibling or cousin with our warm and wonderful RakshaBandhan Messages, Essay in Hindi & English 2016.

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